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Do you have suspicions?

If you believe that your spouse or partner is cheating and you feel that you do need to know the absolute truth, to either confirm the adultery, or to calm your fears and concerns - then we can help.

We understand that you need hard, undeniable evidence, the proof as to whether your spouse is a cheat... or not.

Through our many years providing this service we have found that there are several very common tell tale signs of cheating and unfaithfulness.

Be it changes in the pattern of mobile phone behaviour or unexplained expenses on bank statements and credit card bills...

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If you need your suspicions investigated, we are only a telephone call away, contact UK Honey Traps today for your own peace of mind.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Vehicle tracking is a cost effective way of gathering information on a suspects movements and habits and can provide an invaluable aid to mobile surveillance.

GPS is short for Global Positioning Satellite and the GPS tracking systems used by our investigators allow them to monitor and track the vehicles of subjects under surveillance, where ever they go, often without the need to physically follow them and risk exposure.

Our tracking systems can monitor a vehicles location 24 hours a day and provide a highly detailed reports of times, routes and locations.

This technology is often utilized in cases involving domestic surveillance and can also provide valuable information to businesses regarding the use (or misuse) of fleet or company vehicles.

Our other services we can provide include...

Finding people/Missing persons
We can locate old friends, find parents, relatives and missing debtors.

Surveillance Services
Covert surveillance services.

Personal/ Matrimonial Investigations
investigations into personal matters such as relationships and peoples histories.

Mobile Phone and Data Forensics
Information retrieved from mobile phones and computers.

Background Checks
A cost-effective way to gather more information about individuals or businesses to help in making the right decision.

Asset Location
We are frequently asked to perform hidden asset locations. The most common request for asset location and valuation occur in regards to divorce and personal matters.

Honey Traps
Ever wanted to know if your partner is capable of remaining faithful? Do you suspect that the person you love would cheat?
If like many men and women out there these two questions play on your mind every day of your relationship then we can help we are a specialist Honey Trap agency that can provide good looking men and women who will seek to find out whether or not your partner would do the unmentionable!

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If you think need any of our services, please call us now, confidentially on 0800 043 6667, alternatively click here to contact us via e-mail.

You'll find us sympathetic, very helpful and there is no obligation to proceed.

How we can help

Whatever your reason is for considering the investigation of your partner or spouse, We have the experience to investigate the situation and discover the truth. We are primarily a Private Investigator Agency and as such many of our agents are not only highly experienced in the field of the Honey Trap, but are also trained investigators and as such, are able to approach each situation with a wide range of knowledge, skill, confidence and experience.

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Vacancies for Honey-trappers

We are currently seeking to expand our coverage within the UK and are seeking experienced confident, bubbly, outgoing men and women, with an ability to 'think on their feet'.

For full job application details please visit our Honey Trap Vacancies page.


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